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Whitening Toner (100ml)

Whitening Toner (100ml)

Price : MYR 59.90

Usage : All skin types for whitening skin and make your skin whiter and fairer.


  •  Whitening toner specifically formulated to energise your skin and remove dead cells
  •  Whitening toner soothes and refreshes your skin to a healthy and radiant glow
  •  Whitening toner breaks down complex oils and enables them to rise to the skin surface
  •  Whitening toner removes emulsified oil and other environmental pollutions
  •  Whitening toner makes your skin soft and supple

How to Use

  • Spray the whitening toner to your face every time after cleansing
  • Upon application gently pat the skin
  • Leave it to take effect

RM 60.00