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Whitening Cleanser (100ml)

Whitening Cleanser (100ml)

Usage : All skin types for whitening skin and make your skin whiter and fairer.

Benefits :

  •  Whitening cleanser cleanses and delicately clears the impurities
  •  Whitening cleanser removes make-up on the epidermis
  •  Whitening cleanser unclog the pores and make you skin breathe well
  •  Whitening cleanser preserves your skin’s protective layer
  •  Whitening cleanser nourishes your skin with whitening vitamins and whitening antioxidant
  •  Whitening cleanser makes your skin feel soft
  •  Using whitening cleanser results in clearer, whiter and brighter complexion

How to Use

  •  Pump whitening cleanser into palm of your hand, add a bit of water and rub to work a lather/foam
  •  Apply to face
  •  Cleanse with circular upward motions for extra stimulation
  •  Rinse thoroughly with warm water