Dr Nabisar, Natural

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Our products are assured to be effective, safe and extremely useful. The same is depicted in the following testimonials :


Fairer, lighter & whiter skin (Lina, executive)

I tried so hard to make my skin brighter, lighter & even tone but I was disappointed. I am already a light skin person but the use of wrong products, stress of life and not taking care of the skin properly because of being busy resulted in dull skin. Therefore, I tried so many products which claim to do skin whitening but I was disappointed. I

Pain relief (Yusof, IT Marketing)

I just graduated from the university and I enjoy my work but I wanted to feel more macho like any other metro man. So, I started body building. I liked my workout but started developing pain here and there. So I garbed my mother’s deep heat lotion, which she uses for massage to relieve muscle pain. Wow!!! Feel wonderful in just few minutes I start to feel nice warm sensation which started to increase and the comfortable heat lasted for 18 to 24 hours. I was so please and I do not go to the gym without Dr Nabisar, Natural.

Recovery from pimples (Mary, student)

I always hope for my pimples to go away. I always worry about my look. I have no confidence. I have so many doctors and specialist but I did not get cured. Recently a friend introduced me to a scientist product: DR NABISAR,NATURAL. I used her pimples essence and just hoped for the best because curing pimples and acne is not easy, especially me who got bad pimples & acne problem. To my surprise just after one day usage I could see a slight difference. Never experience this with any other products. That feeling made me to hope that Dr Nabisar, Natural product can help me. True enough after few days of application, pimples start to disappear and others reduced in size and my skin feel suppler, soft and I start feeling a smoothness in my skin which I never felt it before. I am so lucky to have found this Dr Nabisar, Natural. I got my confidence back and a much prettier face without pimples & acne.

Slimming (Zarina, University student)

I put on so much of weight after delivery of my first child. I could not wear my beautifull clothes anymore. It was really difficult emotionally. I use to feel very sad how I could accumulate all this weight. I tried many different products but end up wasting money and time until a friend introduces me to Dr Nabisar formulation. At first I was very scared to try because there is so many products in the market for internal consumption and rubbing on the skin but when I read about Dr Nabisar and the kind of research she does. I did not think twice but immediately purchase her SHAPE & TONE and start using it. I was so happy when I could lose 7 to 10mm per week. I lost 10mm over my thigh. I lost 7mm at my tummy. WOW I am so HAPPY and started combining SHAPE & TONE cream with slimming & health drink YOUNG, SLIM & FIT.