Dr Nabisar, Natural

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Our Founder

Our Founder

A Cambridge PhD and UPM educated Management Consultant with 20 year experience of strategic planning, business process re-engineering, project management and implementation of business and IT projects and managing operation of businesses and government.

A successful scientific career at Cambridge’s leading Institute of Biotechnology was followed by rapid advance within Business and IT Consultancies based on a proven record to achieve high quality innovative solutions in record time.

Incredible drive and determination backed by a sharp analytical mind has resulted in a long record of success within IT and Business Consultancies and government. Major projects included developing a Bond trading system, centralization of back office functions, business evaluation of technology for government funding and acquisition, e-commerce including marketing, mortgages, travel, retail, property, branding and advertising. Assessment of government linked companies (Technology Park Malaysia, SIRIM) and agency (MACRES) on deliverables and corporatization.

Developed a successful company based on herbal skincare, toiletries, cosmetic and food using advanced biotechnology. A fully integrated infrastructure developed including research & development unit, processing facility and a trading office in less than 24 month.